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Ambrogio Rovati
Mario rovati storia

The Firm Rovati born in the early 1960's, on the initiative of

Mario e Ambrogio Rovati, who decide to sell directly the wine produced from grapes of parent's vineyards, winegrowers for tradition.

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Today, the firm is conducted from the sons, Patrizia and Emanuele Rovati that, following the teachings of their parents, have decided to write a new page, and change the name in “Vigna Alta”.


With its twelve hectares, extended on the hills of Oltrepò Pavese, exactly in the country of Montù Beccaria, the firm commits itself to produce high-quality wines in compliance with traditional methods supplemented by the new oenological technologies.

The whole production process, from the care of the grapevine, to the harvest and trasformation of grapes is managed entirely from the family that, with passion, creates a product of value.


Tasting Vigna Alta wines you can find all the enthusiasm and the passion that is being giving every day to this activity.

Let you carry between the curves of the hills that, from the oldest of times, cradle the expanses of vineyards, that seem endless,

interrupted only by some small lonely wood.

Let yourselves enchant by the sing of a jay or by an unexpected glimpse between the windy paths of countries.


Plunge yourselves in the wine tradition of Oltrepò Pavese, in the hot rays of sunlight, which, on the sunset, make the landscape look like velvet, and in the clear days in the vision of Alpi.

Make you wrap by the scent of roses and jasmines.


If you come to visit us on September, you could live the traditional ritual of the harvest, while the scent of grapes will wrap you, like it was for our ancestors centuries ago.

You could see the wine fermenting in the barrels, in the fresh dark of the cellars, and learn to recognize the flavourings of wines thanks to our guided tasting.


At the first glass you will be welcome visitors, on the second you will be friends, on the third you will be part of the family.

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s.s Società Agricola Vigna Alta

di Rovati Emanuele e Rovati Patrizia

Casa Rovati 20, 27040 Montù Beccaria (PV) Italia

Tel. 0385 60 129

Cell. 338 71 00 660

Fax 0385 60 129



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